At Style Motorbikes we offer a wide range of motorbike equipment and safety gear covering all of your motorbiking needs. We have a selection of brands from Europe as well as Asia offering budget and high end products to ensure that there is a suitable items for everyone. We aim to be able to provide the level of protection that all of our customers need for their time in Vietnam.

We have a large selection of helmets including jet (open face) helmets, full face helmets, flip up helmets and off road helmets. We carry a number of brands but the largest selection is from the Spanish company, MT Helmets, which have DOT and ECE safety standard. As well as this we also offer HJC Helmets which is one of the biggest brands in the world and other smaller Asian brands.


With the protectors and protective clothing we offer 2 brands, Scoyco and Pro-biker. This means we are able to offer 2 difference qualities and prices of protection with Scoyco being a better quality brand sold world wide. We have protection to cover all parts of the body from boots to trousers, to jacket and gloves ensure that you are riding with the right protection.




As well as all the protective equipment we also sell waterproof clothing and equipment, motorbike  tank bags, and other accessories for the bikes.